Who We Are

Over the last 20 or so years we have attempted to solve the mystery that is wine. Impossible. Our obsession has led us down interesting paths and to some incredible people. It led to one of us leaving a career, going back to school at age 36, hours of biochemistry, UC Davis, and now our own winery.

The MacCallum Family

The MacCallum Family

Be careful what you wish for.

MacCallum Family Cellars is the fulfillment of two decades worth of passion and years of dreaming. We are a family owned, family run, business. No employees, it’s just the two of us. We do the punch-downs ourselves, by hand. Together. Doing something we love. Together.

We thank you for your support and continued enthusiasm.

Our Vision

Wine Press

We are committed to producing the best wine, from the best fruit, using the least intrusive wine-making processes available. Our wines are made in exceptionally small lots and are micro-managed to maximize intensity.

Intensity: color, nose, mouth feel and flavor.

We want our wines to exhibit extraction, great color, exploding nose, a rich mouth-feel, and a dark finish with the mystery that accompanies the magic and winder of ripe fruit from a great site.

From the Earth. Pure. Simple.

The Label

The Label

We get a lot of questions about our label. Most labels depict the fulfillment of a dream. Either a view of the vineyard, or the Chateau, or a cellar.

Ours depicts a metaphor.

The rock is a symbol of stability and exudes purity. It is incredibly smooth and perfectly one, yet absolutely a product of three individual parts, each with a story to tell: it’s a metaphor for our family, for our wine making, and for the way we live — separate parts coming together to form a seamless act of natural beauty: the simplicity of great wine.