Our Wines

Our wines are made in extremely small quantities. While many wineries might talk of “thousands” when describing the number of cases they make of a particular wine, we talk in the number of bottles.

By producing wine in small lots we are able to control the wine-making decisions precisely throughout the entire production process. Not being pressed to increase yield, we can crush only the best fruit, and ferment in small lots. This allows us to manage the caps, yeasts and nutrients based on the individual lot, not a generalized version of the harvest.

We select our barrels one at a time to accentuate the characteristics of the particular wine, and we rack our vintage by hand without harsh pumping. We don’t filter the wines, and in most cases, we don’t fine them, either.

You may see some residue in the bottle, but don’t worry. This is natural — but more importantly, it’s a testament to purity of the ingredients and our entire wine-making process.

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