Early on we relied on national reviews to establish the quality of our wines. More recently we have relied on our most important and our toughest critics, our customers.

“Just opened a bottle of your 2005 Syrah and it was absolutely wonderful! When is the 2006 available?”

— Mike H. Iowa

“Your Malbec is by far the best U.S. produced Malbec I have ever had. Please let me know when you have more available.”

— John B. Chicago, IL

“I recently received a bottle of your DJ Red (07) as a gift. I am a wine snob and I have never heard of your winery and frankly did not know what to expect. Well it may be the best bottle I have drank this year. Please let me know how I can access your wines!”

— Tim F. New York, NY

“Your Pinot and your DJ are fantastic wines. Can I get some more?”

— Murphy K. Houston, TX

“Hi there. I just had a bottle of your 2005 Cabernet Franc. I was floored at what a lovely wine it was. I can’t wait to try the 2006 Pinot Noir and the 2005 DJ Red. I think I will save those for a special occasion though! Keep up the GREAT wine making! You got a believer here in the DC area.”

— Jason M. Arlington, VA

“Opened your 2006 Syrah with some friends and it was incredible. One of the best Syrahs I have ever had!”

— Brian M. Los Angeles, CA

“I am the director of a wine bar here in Seattle and we met 3 years ago at a tasting. I just had your Sangiovese recently and it was incredible!!”

— Danille C. Seattle, WA

“Hey I just opened a bottle of your Pinot (06) and I NEED some more. Amazing wine!”

— Kelly I. Portland, OR